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2017-18 will be a great school year!  Our Drum Corp and Gridley News Clubs are working hard on projects, our teachers are working on using our new Benchmark Language Arts series, and we have some new members on our staff who are all working on making Gridley #1 in the San Fernando Valley.

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Budget Presentation 2017-18



Ready-Set-Go !


Ready-Set-Go is a before school enrichment program, located in the Gridley auditorium from 6:20 am to 7:50 am (Monday through Friday). Ready-Set-Go offers enrichment activities, learning games, and homework assistance. The program is free for all students TK-5th grade. For more information contact the main office or the program supervisor on site.

SCREAM II: The Untold Story


Strange things are happening at Gridley Elementary AGAIN. Ghosts have been walking around this school, students have been going missing. See what happens when the Ghosts of Gridley take over the school.

Parents & Family

Look for the Gridley Parent & Family Involvement Policy, the School Parent-Teacher-Student Compact and the Title One District Parent Involvement Policy in your Mailbox! Copies are being sent on November 30, 2017. 

Behavior Assembly Course

Take some time to review the rules at Gridley with your student(s) in this fun and interactive course. Through the use of reenactment footage our Gridley Production team walks you through the various areas of the school.

Wishing Cake


Have you ever wondered what happens to your birthday wishes after you make them? Follow Izabel, Keontae, Melody and Richard as they find out for themselves. (Bonus Scene After Credits)



(This film may be considered frightening for students of young age) Strange things are happening at Gridley. Students are missing and creatures are appearing. 


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Today: 5/25/18

ALL Gridley students receive Free Breakfast and Lunch!

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Every Tuesday is a 1:13pm dismissal!