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Behavior Assembly Course


Take some time to review the rules at Gridley with your student(s) in this fun and interactive course. Through the use of reenactment footage our Gridley Production team walks you through the various areas of the school.

SCREAM II: The Untold Story


Strange things are happening at Gridley Elementary AGAIN. Ghosts have been walking around this school, students have been going missing. See what happens when the Ghosts of Gridley take over the school.

Wishing Cake


Have you ever wondered what happens to your birthday wishes after you make them? Follow Izabel, Keontae, Melody and Richard as they find out for themselves. (Bonus Scene After Credits)



(This film may be considered frightening for students of young age) Strange things are happening at Gridley. Students are missing and creatures are appearing. 

Available by June 2 (Trailer)


This film has not been rated and/or named... All we know is that some strange things are happening at Gridley... Coming June 2017. (Yes this will be a real film)

Broadcast 1 (Gridley News)


  • Sports
  • Workroom
  • Arts & Lit Festival 2017
  • Children's Hunger Fund
  • Art to Remember

Broadcast 2 (Gridley News)



  • CASSP (Testing)
  • Open House 2017
  • SBAC Wars
  • Volunteer Breakfast
  • Baby Shower
  • Cesar Chavez Day

Spinning (Film)


Follow Nate as he embarks on a quest to find his prized possession only to be faced with a reality check. 

Kind Heroes (Trailer)

Coming Soon, a film about how some ordinary kids became extraordinary humans.

Surviving The Caveman (Trailer)

Beware of the legendary caveman, Coming Soon one brave soul survives The Caveman!

SBAC Wars (Assembly)

The SBAC has returned, but worry not as the Jedi have prepared and practice!

Kickball (Trailer)


What would you do when everything is on the line.. Coming Soon!

Smother Them With Kindness (Trailer)


Their is no power like the power of kindness... Coming Soon! Some very kind kids do some very kind things.

The Gridley News Team and Gridley News Productions is a new team committed to reporting the news at our school and creating films that represent our fellow students’ by creating a space for youth voice and leadership.